Body Art and Jewelry

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If you are looking for an outlet to express yourself and show your inner beauty through art, there is no better way to do so than getting a tattoo or body piercing. The right tattoo or piercing can boost your self-confidence. At Tattoo 13 in Farmington Hills, MI, we specialize in translating your inner beauty into body art and jewelry.

Body Jewelry

We have an amazing selection of body jewelry to fit every client’s needs. We have affordable pieces all the way up to real diamonds. We have a lot of custom jewelry as well.

Jewelry prices start at around 15 dollars and up. We give deals if you buy more than one piece of jewelry. Over 10000 pieces of jewelry in store at all times.

Piercing Services:

Call in and ask for our monthly piercing specials *** Ask for KJ

Tattoo Services:


Express Yourself Through Body Art

Let your skin become the canvas of your artistic impulses. Show your true colors by getting a tattoo or body piercing from us. We have the best tattoo artists and piercing specialists to help you create your unique body art. Make sure to also take care of your tattoos by purchasing our top-of-the-line aftercare lotions. Call us at External link opens in new tab or window(248) 855-1313 to learn more about our products and services.