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Get incredible tattoos and body piercings at Tattoo 13 in Farmington Hills, MI. We are a team of award-winning tattoo artists and body piercing specialists dedicated to the creation of amazing body art and jewelry. We have a state-of-the-art tattoo studio that we keep clean to make sure you are safe and comfortable whenever you come in for our services.

  • We are well known for fine line single needle tattoos.

  • Delicate style and precision!

  • We have 3 piercers on staff and 3 female tattoo artists.

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Award-Winning Tattoo Artists

Tattoo 13 has been inking and piercing beautiful body art and jewelry for five years. With award-winning tattoo artists and body piercing specialists in our team, we have become known as the best tattoo studio in the area.

Our customers can attest to the artistry and professionalism of our artists.

Tattoo Aftercare

Step #1 Keep bandage/wrap on for a minimum of one hour before removing. After removal wash with antibacterial non scented soap. ( We prefer our H2ocean Soap)

Step #2 Let the tattoo air dry or blot it with a clean paper towel. Do not scrub the new tattoo

Step #3 Apply a thin layer of one of our aftercare products. We carry multiple brands and organic products to accommodate to each client’s skin type

Step #4 Repeat this process daily 3 times a day for the first 5 days.

Step #5 After about 3-5 days the new tattoo will start peeling and itching. (DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT IT) Keep the area nice and clean

Step #6 Tattoos usually take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to completely heal. Every person heals differently be patient and ease your mind :)

Step #7 Dont hesitate to call us if you have any questions. we are ALWAYS here for you. If we are closed contact us on FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM

Additional Considerations:

Avoid sunburn, salt or chlorine water, or hot tubs until your

tattoo is completely healed. In the event mild scabbing occurs, do not

pick at or attemptto “wash off” the scab. Allow it to do so by itself. You may apply a mild skin lotion to

keep “flaking” to a minimum.

Piercing Aftercare

Step#1 Wash your hands

Step#2 Spray one of our aftercare products on the area. use a cotton Q TIP to remove and dried build up on or around the jewelry (repeat 3 times daily)

Step #3 Try not sleeping on the new piercing for the first couple of weeks to avoid swelling


Step #5 Keep the jewelry in until the piercing is completely healed. (KJ will let you know exactly how long each piercing takes to heal)

Step #6 Call or come see KJ anytime to make sure your piercing is healing well

Additional Considerations: Our piercer will explain to you exactly what to do with your piercing. These 6 steps are just general ways for keeping up with a new piercing.

Because we do so many different types or piercings we will make sure you know exactly what to do with YOUR piercing.

Tattoo Removal

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo removal works by breaking apart those larger ink particles layer by layer. Your body’s white blood cells can then carry away the smaller broken down particles quicker. With time and continued sessions, a tattoo can be completely removed.

State-of-the-art Laser Technology

Laser tattoo removal is a FDA approved treatment that uses isolated laser energy to break up the pigment and color in tattoos. This is a safe and effective procedure when performed properly and has little to no side effects.Our Picosure technology works with all types of skin tones and most importantly removes COLOR TATTOOs.

Fast and effective

Our Picosure laser is the GOLD STANDARD of tattoo removal and is being performed by a highly trained professional that specializes in ACTUAL TATTOOING as well as REMOVING TATTOOS. this combination gives our clients confidence that they are working with a artist that will give them informative and honest answers of how a tattoo can be removed.

Pricing and scheduling

We will be providing super cost effective tattoo removal. Most places charge between 250-400 dollars a session. We will be starting our pricing at 89 dollars and up. The size and location as well as the type of tattoo can determine the pricing. We also have very affordable package deals :)

To set up an appointment please email or call the studio. External link opens in new tab or window248-855-1313

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